Realities Laid Bare But Is It Enough To Feed Negativity?

Important Update
But then, when hasn't all our updates been important?Many of you know we have been writing these newsletters for over six years, you know that Karatbars is our only business and it took us from humble beginnings to the amazing income we are proud of today. I have been extremely loyal to all my affiliates, customers, Harald Seiz and the company.

Getting the wrong idea!

After speaking to a lot of our team members on the phone this week, we just wanted to make something clear that maybe we haven't. Some people may be getting the wrong idea about how we feel about recent events. That maybe we are being blind, deluded or even worse!

We are 100% aware of the issues that Karatbars and Harald Seiz are facing. We are aware of the lack of communication, delayed deliveries, K1 Impulses, Kmerchant, CEM locators, Kbooster, usability of BUNV, vaulted gold, support answering tickets etc etc. We are fully aware that communication could and should be better.

There is no issue that we don't know about.

What we also know is that there is zero benefit in getting negative, upset or bitter about it because that's like drinking poison and expecting someone else to be poisoned.

We also see no point in sending out negative Newsletters to new affiliates talking about issues that don't affect them. That does not mean we are ignoring glaring issues or anything.

We will constantly look for and offer solutions to every issue. I live by this motto.... I am the only problem I will ever have and I am the only solution.

Negativity, if you give it fertile ground to grow in your mind, leads to depression and disease.  Reacting to situations puts the situation in charge of you, we prefer to respond which keeps us in control. The difference is simply thinking with a clear mind and thoughts based on facts.

We have been responding to each situation by asking HeadQuarters for information and offering solutions.

We have, through the leaders group, made our views very clear. we don't "blow smoke" for anyone's benefit, we refuse to be quiet when something should be said and we won't cover for anyone if they are in the wrong. Granted you don't see that in our Newsletters but that's how it is.

Don't mistake our positivity for turning a blind eye. We wouldn't do that.

Our Current Position

There are many things we would do differently but we don't own or run the company.

We know that Harald is in The USA sorting stuff out with new partners. We know Jurgen, Head of global sales,  is in South America and Markus, Head of Europe/Africa is in South Africa doing affiliate meetings.

They obviously have reasons why they need to do this so we just have to trust their judgment.

Our personal view is that they should be online speaking to the field and keeping 600,000 already registered affiliates and customers updated rather than a few hundred at live meetings and we have made that known.

We think they should be online talking to everyone about how they are going to address old issues and what the plans are for the coming months. The stock market launch, Karatnet, whims etc.

We have been told that the reason for the silence is that they are all very busy fixing issues, working and preparing everything so we have to take them at their word. We actually do see issues being addressed every day. It's slow but going in the right direction.

We see videos from Head office like this one which shows me they are extremely busy on k1's for example.... HERE

Sales Are Down

Sales are down a lot from last year but that was always going to be the case in a transition.. That's the law of rhythm! No company is in growth permanently.

We still have cashgold, classic gold, K1 Impulse's to sell. Below is a picture, we still have great products to sell and especially gold itself.

All that being said, we would like to be promoting the multi packages and bringing in affiliates but another issue has arisen.

MultipackagesWe bought a Multi Package last week but the Epoints and cashgold have not been programmed yet. I really don't want to start promoting a half finished product, we have been there before.

We have been told that they will be by first of March which is fine. On that basis I will start to promote them again on the first of March. It is only two weeks away.
Similarly we are waiting for confirmation that Kmerchant can handle fiat payouts and we have POS material so we can promote it.

We need Kbooster to be filled with material so we can promote it.

We have been told that the winners details for the Christmas and Amstedam/cars Incentives would be published. Once they are then I can promote another one when it happens.

You get the idea!

We know they are working hard to get things done but we don't believe that promoting the "next thing" is the answer while people in our team are still waiting on the last one. It doesn't sit well with us.

Karatbars did a lot very fast which is great but now it's time to finish each part well and deliver on each part.

We would prefer if they were to sort out all the old issues, get everything working/delivered and then we can all move forward again.

We know other leaders will keep promoting everything and that's fine and you can too if you want. We are just making sure everyone we sponsored knows where we stand on this.

Many people in my team are now friends as well as affiliates/customers and I want it to stay like that. Rather be poor and have friends than be rich and lonely.

At the end of the day I am just an affiliate like everyone else. I don't get paid any more or less than anyone else.

We just decided to make a Youtube channel and write newsletters for the team and try to relay information from a company who were not very good at it.

Integrity and Honesty

We have been running direct sales teams for years and been excellent in three different companies, in three different industries. One thing we have built up is a great reputation for being straight and honest with people.

If we sell something, we want the customer to be 100% happy and get what they paid for on time.

If we feel that Karatbars are not going to live up to what we expect from a company, be in no doubt, we would go do something else and would let everyone know in good time.

We are far from being at that point right now, just for your info.

So let's be clear.

We are not daft, deluded, deaf or blind.
We do not work for Karatbars or corporate, I am an affiliate.
We are not a spokesperson for Karatbars.
We are happy that Karatbars are working to resolve old issues.
If they are not resolved in a reasonable amount of time, we won't be promoting new things.
We are simply giving them time to fix the issues.
We will wait for new and existing products to be 100% working and available before promoting them.
We won't say "I am not happy" about x,y,z, send out negative newsletters, get into a pity party with anyone or start misery peddling because that solves nothing.

Everyone who reads this newsletter is an independent affiliate and is free to make up their own mind about whether they agree with us or not and what they should do or sell.
We know nothing more about anything other than what we send out in these newsletters.
We have no inside info and have not been asked to keep any info private.
Do not doubt our honesty or integrity, it's not for sale to Karatbars or anyone else.

We love sales but won't sell at a cost. We need our customers and affiliates to be happy.
We will continue to send positive newsletters.

Team VideoWe will replace the team video with the shorter generic video without the Multi Packages. This will give the viewer an overview of Karatbars and once they register you can contact them and guide them to whatever information they need. Gold, Cashgold, Classic packages, multi packages, k1's WHIM's etc.

You can watch it now at

Get Your Gold

Thankfully one thing that has never changed is the necessity to buy gold. As you can see from the chart below it is the one sure and certain safe asset and has been for thousands of years.

I save 10% of whatever I own and 10% of my total assets is always in physical gold! You should think about doing the same.

Gold is honest, it is the definition of honest, it's what got us started with Karatbars in the first place. Stay honest and stay positive and that's half the battle.

If you have any constructive suggestions or feedback you would like to give head office send them to or

Sometimes it's good if it comes from others and not just us.

I hope this newsletter has been useful and you understand better. We are still looking forward to another wonderful year with Karatbars and will do our best to make that happen.

Not many statues were ever built for Critics!

Have a great weekend..


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