September 8, 2016

Saving In Gold

Start Saving In Gold Today

Karatbars International has been helping customers in 138 countries save in gold for eight years. No other gold sales company can offer 999.9 bullion from 0.1gram to 1gram, 2.5 gram or 5gram weights with the same features* at a better price.*Free account, no minimum order, buy from as low as 0.1gram, no subscriptions, 999.9 quality, Private issue gold, with certificate, hologram, from an LBMA accredited refinery, serial number, free storage, Fedex delivery, DNA security, guaranteed buy back, can be used to buy goods and services.

Watch the three short videos below to get started.

Step 1

Opening your gold savings account is free, easy and only takes a few minutes.

Step 2

Upload your ID and a utility bill as proof of identity and address.

Step 3

Start savings from as little as €60 / $76 / £50 per month.

A fixed amount is taken from your card each week/month. This is converted into gold at that days price.  You could for example be purchasing 1.236 or 0.8642 grams each time. The amount you buy is converted into 1gram cards when shipped.

*There is also  an option to buy 1gram, 2.5 gram or 5 gram cards manually at any time. The auto exchange is just an easy way to set it up and forget about it.  Choose which option you prefer. 

Start Saving In Gold Today

What happens next?

Your gold will be stored for free for as long as you wish and customers can request a delivery at any time. All deliveries are carried out by Fedex Insured courier. Delivery cost is €13.50 inside Europe / €18.50 outside Europe and deliveries over 100 grams are free.

Most questions are answered within the Karatbars website. If you would like to speak to someone or need further help just contact the person who told you about this website.

For a detailed overview of the company, full product range and business partner information click HERE

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