Karatbars Karatnet Launch Amsterdam Review

Important News As always, let me welcome all the new affiliates and subscribers this week. Please see www.karatleverage.info for your fast start guide. (Can all existing affiliates please watch it too to keep refreshed). This update is just a quick review of what happened in Amsterdam. Many of you have been asking for an update so here[…]

The real success story begins now

The Real Success Story Starts Now

The Success Story Begins Now…. If you thought being a part of Karatbars was profitable until now, If you thought this company had given you financial independence, If you thought you are already making a passive income saving in gold and helping others do the same, If you thought it couldn’t get any better, Think[…]


Harald Seiz Explains K-Exchange KaratPay And New App AT Gold Rush 2016

Harold Seiz explains the future of Karatbars with KaratPay, the K-Exchange, and new App. This will be a game changer as we introduce this new payment system worldwide!   Get your free karatbars account now at http://www.karatleverage.co and grow with this amazing company