karatbars karatgold updates for december 2019 vol-2

5 Days To Go….  I hope you had a great weekend like I did. We all know Christmas is around the corner and it’s inevitable at this time to be all around the town. Getting gifts for family and friends. This is what my weekends will be like until the new year apparently. Well besides[…]

CEM Delivery Begins – Karatbars & Karatgold November 2019 Updates

Important And Interesting News For November  Welcome to all our first time readers! We are a team of over 27,000 in over 100 countries and growing each day, with one mission and vision in common – Karatbars, Karatgold, KBC coins and our entire ecosystem. If you want to get started in the next thirty minutes[…]

Karatbars & Karatgold Updates October 2019 Vol.4

Welcome to all our new readers this week! We just reached over 27,000 in our team across 100 countries and growing. If you want to get started in the next thirty minutes simply watch our team video at www.karatleverage.info which is a complete presentation on everything Karatbars. With instructions on how to get started and how to[…]

Karatbars & Karatgold Updates October 2019 Vol.3

  Important News Lots of wonderful news for you today so lets get to it! 1. Our new team video is now live and you can watch it at www.karatleverage.info or your personalised page. It has the updated cashgold price, new videos and the actual presentation which is much shorter. (I’m sure you will be happy to[…]

Karatbars & Karatgold Updates October 2019 Vol.2

Important Updates First let me welcome all new affiliates and customers and all new subscribers to our newsletter this week. We are happy to have you here. Please click HERE to read last weeks newsletter and catch up on all other necessary information. One of my all time favourite phrases goes like this: “In life, we either[…]

Karatbars & Karatgold Important Updates October 2019

As always, I would like to welcome all new affiliates and customers this past week. Let’s get straight to the points for todays newsletter Big News This Week – Karatbars Retail Stores  Some of you may know that Karatbars CEO Harald seiz was in Atlanta last week and he told the people there about the[…]

Your Most Pressing Questions Answered

Important Bit Of Information We got lots of questions from you this week. There was a meeting with Harald, Ovidiu and the others in the Leadership council and we put forward all the questions you sent across. I am going to go through all the points now. If you have something that is missed please[…]

karatbars karatgold important updates september 2019

Welcome to all the new affiliates and customers this week. Before you read this newsletter any further please log into www.karatgolsd.sg now as you will need to have the website open for some of the following links to work. It is the same login details you use for Karatbars.com . If you don’t have your account yet, this is[…]

Karatbars Karatnet Launch Amsterdam Review

Important News As always, let me welcome all the new affiliates and subscribers this week. Please see www.karatleverage.info for your fast start guide. (Can all existing affiliates please watch it too to keep refreshed). This update is just a quick review of what happened in Amsterdam. Many of you have been asking for an update so here[…]

The real success story begins now

The Real Success Story Starts Now

The Success Story Begins Now…. If you thought being a part of Karatbars was profitable until now, If you thought this company had given you financial independence, If you thought you are already making a passive income saving in gold and helping others do the same, If you thought it couldn’t get any better, Think[…]

Urgent! News From Leadership Meeting In Stuttgart

If this is your first Newsletter please click HERE to read previous issues and get important information you may have missed. Important News  Welcome to all the new affiliates this week. Please make sure to see www.karatadvantage.info for your fast start guide. Urgent Information First After hearing hundreds of requests for an extension to the KCB bonuses and after[…]

Final Days Of Incentive & How To Get Your Karatbars Business Going

Let me welcome all the new affiliates this week. Please see www.karatleverage.info for your fast start guide. Fantastic News From Corporate  During the course of this week, there has been around four hours of online meetings with Ovidiu Toma. These has been somewhat of a “prelude” to our Leaders event in Stuttgart this coming weekend. The top[…]

Karatbars & Karatgold August 2019 Updates Vol.1

26,000 and Growing!! Let me say a big welcome to all new affiliates in our team over the past 3 weeks. Our organisation just hit 26,000 and keeps growing every day! It seems we just keep reaching new highs and rightly so, we have a business that goes from strength to strength, a product that[…]

Karatbars & Karatgold April 2019 Updates Vol. 3

So it was a holiday weekend last week and we all had a little time to either spend locked in with family or getaway with family. Mine was the latter. Madrid was our destination. Lovely place. Spain is pretty they say but you could never imagine how pretty it is until you visit and see[…]

Three Very Important Updates

Massive Changes Happening As you may know Thomas Brenner is our new head of sales at Karatbars International and he has created the “Heart Beat Club“. His choice of the team top leaders in Karatbars. He is implementing changes and updates we have suggested and you can see some of these already in the website.[…]