The Last Of 2019. 2020 Comes In With Promise

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are all looking forward to the new year 2020.

Thank you for all your emails over Christmas. If you sent one before the 29th, you need to send it again because I didn't read any. When It's time to work, I work hard but when It's holiday time, that means no reading emails or messages.

I will be back to opening emails and attending to all my organisations queires from the 2nd of January. And from then we go all out working, earning and building our teams and our passive income until the Easter break so get yourselves ready.

So here are the important updates and answers to the questions you sent this week.

1. Why is the window to do the swap so short?

Ovidiu Toma, our Chief Technical Office, explained this well in Madrid. It is not a short window as most think but for those of you who were not there...

We had been told to set up our Karatbit accounts and link them since September and to be ready for an announcement on the 15th of December. If someone had not paid attention and read their latest news for three months and realised over Christmas they had no Karatbit account that's not the company's fault.

Everyone needs to pay close attention to their accounts, their business, what they bought and how to manage what they bought. My duty is to explain how these are all done and what and what to do and how to them. I played my part by writing newsletters every week, and sometimes about 3 times a week or more. So there should be no excuses about not been informed. At least not from people in my organisation.

The swap has to be done by the 5th of January so the company can calculate the circulating supply and can start getting the exchanges ready to accept the new KBC in place of the old one.

Each exchange will also give a window in which you need to get old KBC out and on to Karatbit to swap it for new KBC. If you have KBC on an exchange and you forget to move it out by a certain date you will lose it.

In short - If you have KBC on an exchange or in a wallet get them over to Karatbit and avoid any issues. Do it now. Don't wait. The thing to remember is that this is how these things, hardforks, are done.

They knew the KCB swap had to be done between the 15th and 5th which is why they gave us three months notice.

I set up my Karatbit and linked it to Karatbars in September. My KCB were moved from my Karatbars dashbord to Karatbit around the 20th of December. It's been like clockwork because I read my latest news and follow instructions.

*Update from IT as i write this.... *More KCB were moved today to Karatbit from karatbars/karatgold for those who were late with linking their accounts. Please be aware that the coins may have been moved to Karatbit but might still be showing on or Please check Karatbit to see if they are there as they might be showing on both.

2. Is it difficult to swap my KCB for KBC or to convert my nodes?

No, it takes less than sixty seconds. So between the 15th of December and 5th January everyone should be able to find sixty seconds.
To make it even easier we made this short video today which shows you how to do it.

Please watch it at

3. Should I choose KBC or Vouchers for the IPO?

That's a question for each person to answer. The choice is made more difficult because we have no paper information on the new company yet.

We know the company now has mines. The company will have franchises. The company are involved in autonomous vehicles and satellites so it's very exciting stuff. If you watch the recorded live streams from Madrid on youtube you can learn about it all.

If people choose to swap to KBC and the KBC price drops they will be unhappy. If it goes up they will be happy.  If people choose vouchers and the value of the new company goes through the roof they will be happy if it doesn't they won't!

Personally, I have exchanged some of my KCB into vouchers and some into KBC so I will be splitting what I own between the the two options.

The short answer is "Only you can decide what you want for you".

4. What if I don't decide to do anything?

The KCB you have will be converted to vouchers so you won't lose anything. Every KCB will be worth €0.14 in the public company.  It could end up being the better option! Time will tell.

5. What if I can't get into my Karatbit account? 

You need to email with your name, email, skype ID, and a picture of yourself holding your ID and a piece of paper with today's date on it and with the words "please disable my 2fa"

You need a Skype account so they can do a video call to you to ensure it is really you.

This is not something anyone should be doing at this late stage but people have left it late as usual and the support team is working around the clock to handle these requests. The issue is the scammers are also sending in fake requests so the more detailed your request is the better.

Please read the timeline below again so you understand whats happening. If you read my Newsletter and read the latest news on your Karatbars dashboard and act on the information you will never have any issues.

6. What are we selling right now?

We are selling what we have sold since 2011. 24karat 999.9 Gold. We also have Business packages and gold plus K1's and WHIM's and whatever is on the websites for sale. Someone can register now, buy their business package and start saving in gold.

The coins were bonuses on top of the packages. They were never meant to be the reason to buy the packages. I bought my VIP package in 2013, it had no coins and it is making me a fortune.

Now that we have had bonuses on packages it is my guess that the company and Harald Seiz has something else in store for us after the 5th of January.
Germans always take their holidays and will be back on the 2nd of January so we will start to know soon after that.

I personally think it was important to give everyone in support the chance to deal with this swap rather than loading a lot of new packages and products into the mix.

As soon as we know I will let you know too but keep an eye on the latest news section until I get back to work on the 2nd.

7. K1 Impulse!

We will be getting one unboxed tomorrow and we will eventually get a video done.

8. BUNV and 100KBC to 1g conversion

This has been suspended for a few weeks and Karatbars will be giving an update on it on the 15th of January.
Basically scammers and idiots have caused this suspension by abusing the system. Affiliates are creating multiple accounts, offering to buy qr codes, harassing CEM owners and the likes of everything unpretty.

The point in the 100 KBC to 1g of gold was to encourage people OUTSIDE of our community to buy KBC and increase the price on the markets. The CEM owners would also have lots of new potential customers coming into their premises. Not one person walking in at 9am with 100 QR codes and cleaning out the machine.

It was not for people within the community to take advantage and sabotage it. The plan was that by now 1 KBC would be worth around €0.30 but the stolen coins and scammers have knocked that off track.

This suspension will give Karatbars time to work out the best way forward so that genuine people can get their gold as intended. It will also help clear some backlog too.

Whatever is announced by Harald Seiz on the 15th will be in the best interests of the company and is fine with me. He has got us this far since 2011 and I want him to keep us going for another decade and more.

I am hoping that after the 5th of January we can get back on that track and we will see the price of KBC start to rise again. Should that happen the demand for qr codes would subside anyway.

9. What should I do with my KBC?

The important thing for all of us to do is NOT to sell any of our KBC and to encourage people outside the community to buy it. It is the currency of our ecosystem and will be used in Karatpay, WHIM's, K1 impulse and whatever other developers decide to build on our open source blockchain.

That last sentence is the most important thing to remember..

We had two ICO's on the Ethereum Blockchain which raised hundreds of millions and created many many fee's on the Ethereum blockchain. We are only one company.

Developers can now use our Blockchain to create their own ICO's, develop their own products and apps and whatever else. Every one who does will be using KBC and generating fees. It is this usage which will grow the price of KBC over time.
I get the feeling that many people in our community have just bought KBC or KCB to make a quick buck and don't really understand how blockchain works.

If everyone took some time to research it they would see the scale of what we have achieved in just over a year. If you want to learn more about blockchain check out this link HERE

All in all something I bought eighteen months ago is now worth 400% more at €0.02 so i'm certainly not complaining about KBC price. If it keeps doing that every eighteen months I will be a very happy KBC owner.

I was like everyone else expecting more but there's nothing wrong with the reality of a 400% gain.

Happy New Year 

I want to thank you all for reading my Newsletters every week and following my instructions. It really makes my life easier and hopefully yours too.

It has been a difficult year in many ways but when I look back at what has been achieved and overcomed, I can say that it has been tough but it has been worth it.

The phones are ready, the WHIMS are coming, Karatbit is ready, Karatpay is ready, our Blockchain goes live on Sunday. CEM's are working, we are opening high street franchise stores around the world in 2020, we have brilliant new sales managers. Who knows what else Harald Seiz has planned for us.

Will 2020 be easy? Probably not but when was anything worth doing ever easy?

I'm looking forward to helping many many more people become financially free. Looking forward to helping others change their life and looking forward to meeting more of you around the world.

No matter what your goal is Karatbars is a great vehicle to achieve it. One tip I will give you is that your goal should be greater than money!

Whatever you decide to do is up to you. Write it down, get ready to work flat out for six months and lets have a wonderful 2020.

Call the office if you need any urgent help after that. (Not email!!)
Don't forget to put the head office number in your phone -  Head Office Number  +49 711 128 970 00

Have a great week and....

Happy New Year!


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There has never been a better time to join this company. And the best time is now.
Keep a close eye on your email for urgent newsletters like these for updates if you are on this team.
Please let me know if you need any help with anything.

*Email is best as I can work through them in order..

***Please include your names, and username in all correspondence. Emails without these will not be attended to***


Ola Awoliyi

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