The Real Success Story Starts Now

The Success Story Begins Now....

If you thought being a part of Karatbars was profitable until now,
If you thought this company had given you financial independence,
If you thought you are already making a passive income saving in gold and helping others do the same,
If you thought it couldn't get any better,
Think again!

Because this weekend will mark the beginning and the turning point of the rest of our lives.

I'd like to welcome all our new affiliates and newsletter subscribers this week... Over 27,000 customers and partners in our group in over 120 countries!! Well done as you have joined this company at the most exciting time since 2011!

Amsterdam and the launch of Karatnet.

Although it felt like forever, the complete ecosystem wheel of the company is about to be set rolling.
This is also going to be one of the biggest weeks in the history of the company so the following is very important.

1. I am flying to Amsterdam for the Karatnet launch this weekend so I hope that gives you an indication of how important I think it is to be there. Anyone can buy a ticket in the back office and if it is possible I think you should book a flight and get there.

Anyone can attend. The venue and agenda are in the image above.

2. Harald seiz has invited Hollywood A-Lister and my personal favourite, Gerard Butler to be our VIP guest and he has accepted the invitation. It is no surprise that so many celebrities are happy to be associated with the company.

3. Bahamas Disaster - As a company we have many colleagues and customers in the Bahamas and the company has decided to quickly create a card which will raise money for the people affected over there.

It is available in the back office now at

4. There has been lots of fake news and Chinese whispers online about when KBC and KCB will merge, when phones and CEM's will be delivered and about when the sale of KCB will end.

We have presence on the Leadership council of the company with ten other people and no information has been given to us or has been made public about any of that. As soon as I know I will inform you within 24 hours and so will the head office.

Some dates were planned in the whitepaper but that was published twelve months ago. Some dates have been moved forward and some will be moved back, that is normal in any business.

Just bear this in mind.. Harald Seiz and the company will end KCB sales, will merge the coins and will deliver everything at the best time for the company and for us as affiliates. They will happen when  benefits us affiliates and benefits the price of the coins.

KBC is growing in price again and is up as high as €0.038 on some exchanges. I bought it at €0.005 just over a year ago so I am very happy with that return...and it can only get better now that everything is in place to support the ecosystem and give value to the coin

If you want to buy some KBC here are some of the exchanges it is listed on -

There are still Supernodes available which pay out 20% per year passive income in KBC. If you can accumulate 3 million KBC they are a wonderful option.

Everything happens. Dates are simply guidelines in any business. I have known Harald Seiz going to six years and every decision he has ever made has been with safety and longevity of the business in mind. We may not understand why he does things sometimes but it always becomes clear as time goes on. In reality he is ten steps ahead of all of us and we eventually catch up.

5. News from the Amsterdam event this weekend will blow you away. The number of people who are going to clear the decks on Monday morning and focus on Karatbars will be like nothing we have seen before.

6. A Netflix documentary has been made on the life of Harald Seiz which I think everyone needs to watch. You can view it now at - .

7. The Karatbars Official Song is now available on Amazon Music - Please buy it now and lets get this great song played worldwide. I genuinely think its a great song. - Get it  HERE

8. The K-Booster is going to be a great tool for us going forward and more tools are coming! - We are now recommending that everyone registers for K-Booster on their dashboard.

The company has listened to us and in the future we won't have to create ANY marketing tools... We can simply focus on building. This is a big change for Karatbars as affiliates always created their own materials.

Please set up your K-Booster and have a look through it as it will be filled with more tools in the coming months.

9. The CEM's are being packed and readied for shipping. I have ordered mine and it will be delivered soon. I am 100% certain that the publicity I will generate by just having it will pay for it ten times over. Please remember this is simply but brilliantly a gold vending machine.

If someone can have a vending machine in their premises they can have one of these. I've had people asking about security. It holds around €4000 of Cashgold, some vending machines hold more value than electronics!

10. Latest News - Please log in and check the latest news every day.  HERE

Karatbars is your business. If you had a shop you would check the post box every day for mail as it may be important to the running of your business. Your latest news is your mailbox.

I have spoken to a few people this week who did not know that the company put on a special offer for us this week... read the details below:

From September 05th noontime CET until September 15th midnight CET the following bonuses will be valid.
Impulse K1 Package #3 (2.500 €):
Seller bonus up to 200% in KCB.

Impulse K1 Package #4 (4.000 €):
Seller bonus up to 300% in KCB.

I have been a direct salesperson for a very long time and trust me, I would have loved 50% commission on products let alone 200% or 300%.

Sell a €4k phone package,
the buyer receives the phone, VIP status, 120% bonus in KCB (€8800 in KCB)
the seller get €12,000 in KCB!!

What a fantastic opportunity for the customer and for you.
The downside is there are Only a few days left to take advantage of this offer.

Take It Seriously

Karatbars is a very serious company and a very serious business. I started with nothing years ago and I have earned my livelihood and am totally dependent on only my karatbars business.

No one asked me for my CV, I was given a website to promote and I was told if the customer buys I will be paid every Friday. That If I build a team then I will earn a little bit from every purchase from the whole team.

I started asking people to watch a video relentlessly every day for weeks and months, I earned my commissions, and got paid every Friday. I still get paid every friday and It has never missed once.

90% of people were not interested, 90 out of every 100 I spoke to were not interested.

I have always believed that Sales people should really be called Rejection Specialists!

I never spoke to anyone else in Karatbars because I only wanted to speak to people who were NOT in Karatbars. I only took part in what I called profitable conversations.

People started to notice my website and blog and newsletters after about two years and people started joining my team because they saw I was consistent over 2+ years.

My income grows every month, I write two Newsletters per month(at times every week) , I'm always available for my team if they need me and I am free to spend the rest of my time with my family.

I don't trade money for time!

If you want to work ninety hours per week promoting Karatbars for the next ten years you are in the wrong team. I know leaders who do it, they may make more money than me but for me that's just a well paid job.

If you want to work flat out for the next six months or a year and then gradually free up your time in the near future , then that's what I can show you how to do.

The question is.. Are you prepared to sacrifice the next six months or a year in the knowledge that the following months and years will give you more money and time than you could ever imagine?

If you are then I am here to help you and I will be here to help you. Once you see what is announced in Amsterdam you should be in no doubt you are with the right company.

We will figure out which are the best tools for you to use so that you can take advantage of the many new opportunities coming up the line. We will make sure you have the correct information as quickly as possible.

All you need to do is make sure that EVERY day you are asking three people to look at your video page . It covers the company details, cashgold, the coins, k1 impulse, CEM's  and the business so all the bases are covered.

If you don't want to use our video use the one in the K-booster or find one that works for you QUICKLY!

If you can please make sure you have a K1 Impulse phone and get one while these current offers are running.

Apart from that just learn your websites in its entirety. Read every PDF and stay tuned to the official channels and well away from the unofficial ones.

The truth is fine, we don't and never need to elaborate and fill in the gaps. Please just trust me that you are going to love whats coming up the tracks..

People who have never made money in Karatbars are going to become millionaires.

I honestly believe that even though we have been going since 2011, this company is only STARTING now. The opportunity starts this weekend.

Thank you Harald Seiz and Thank you Karatbars.

Subscribe to my newsletter HERE and stay tuned...

***If you don't have a Karatbars account yet, create one HERE and I can get you started properly.
There has never been a better time to join this company. And the best time is now.
Keep a close eye on your email for urgent newsletters like these for updates.
Please let me know if you need any help with anything.

*Email is best as I can work through them in order..

***Please include your names, and username in all correspondence. Emails without these will not be attended to***


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