Urgent! News From Leadership Meeting In Stuttgart

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Important News 

Welcome to all the new affiliates this week. Please make sure to see www.karatadvantage.info for your fast start guide.

Urgent Information First

After hearing hundreds of requests for an extension to the KCB bonuses and after much lobbying from us leaders, Harald Seiz and Karatbars has kindly extended the bonuses until the 15th of September.

That means you can still get all the bonus coins on all the products below for another two weeks.

This is an excellent way to get phones and lots of KCB coins for free! I promise you that however many you have it is not enough!

Amsterdam Incentive

The website got overloaded yesterday affiliates were having trouble logging in and making purchases to qualify for Amsterdam and get the prizes.

We again explained this to Harald Seiz and he has kindly left the chance to get incentive points and prizes open for another two days. They cannot move it for any longer as the prizes need to be allocated and they need time to do that.

You can still get points and prizes until the 4th September, (tomorrow), at midnight central European time. CET.

Stuttgart Leaders Meeting

I am going to try to get the following message across here to you as best I can. Without having been there and without me speaking to all 26,000 of you, one to one, its hard to give you a clear understanding of how big it was... But here goes..

As you may know we all had to sign an NDA, (Non disclosure agreement) so we can't tell you very much about the specifics.

What I can tell you is that 160 people left Stuttgart very happy, excited and positive about the future of this company.

Let me put it like this.. Everything is DONE.

Everything is in place for Karatnet, K1's, CEM's, The Fork, new products, new opportunities etc etc. The reason everyone has not been told yet is simply for our own security and to protect the company from competitors seeing the technology.

Everything that was said at the leaders meeting will be revealed in Amsterdam on the 15th of September. (Sunday next week)

When you hear the announcements you will clearly understand why the NDA was so important.

Here is what I can tell you for 100% sure...

1. ANYONE who kept their faith in Harald and the company is going to feel very happy.
2. ANYONE who said, wondered or believed the company was in any way dishonest or a scam will feel very stupid.
3. Karatbars is about to become a household name.
4. Affiliates are going to enjoy so many ways to earn that they will be completely amazed.
5. The company is going to move more in the next six months than in the past nine years.  (Everything is already in place)

6. There are going to be so many people wanting to start this business the numbers will be phenomenal. 
7. Building any part of the Karatbars business is about to get so much easier. 
8. Many, many, many new millionaires will be created during the next two years. Even people who decide to start today or in the next few months.
9. The scammers and spammers are about to be be sent so far under their rocks they will never come out again. 
10. Every single person reading this newsletter needs to book a flight to Amsterdam for the 15th just so as you can say you were there! 

The ecosystem is almost complete, it is just about to be turned on. The infrastructure is in place, the staff are in place, everything is ready to scale up very quickly.

The, (fairly big)  bumps in the road have been smoothed out and we are clear for take off.

....Don't Take It From Me!

Two people who were there from our team were John and Graham who I am proud to say are in our group!

They created a fantastic video overview of the Gold Director Event which everyone should take a few minutes to watch and share..


Affiliates could learn a lot from these two men who use independent thought, evidence and facts before making up their mind about anything.

In the era of fake news, people using facts before making a decision is a refreshing change!

Thank you to you both!

My Advise To You

Knowing what I know now I can offer you some advice that I know you will thank me for!

Here goes..

1. Make sure you log into Karatbars every day and read your latest news. (Vital). If you haven't registered for an account yet, please, take this as a final call to do so. It WILL be the best business/economic decision you ever make. Register HERE
2. Make sure you have your 2FA set up on all websites. (Vital) 
3. Buy one of the phone packages to ensure you have a K1 Phone.
4. Buy as many or as large a profit package as you can to get the free KCB coins before the 15th. They start at €150 and you can buy as many as you wish. (See chart above) 
5. Go to one of the exchanges and buy as many KBC as you can. See -  https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/karatgold-coin/ 
6. Commit the next six months to Karatbars and be ready to start on the 15th of September. 
7. once you get your package, request your replicated page. 

I can guarantee you that I will be ready to help you as we bring in tens of thousands and indeed millions of new customers with everything we are about to launch.

Many many many new millionaires will be created and I look forward to helping you if you want to be one of them.

Will keep you updated as events and news unfold. Most Likely during/after the Amsterdam event next week.

Have a beautiful week.


If you don't have a Karatbars account yet, create one HERE and I can get you started properly.

There has never been a better time to join this company. And the best time is now.

Keep a close eye on your email for urgent newsletters like these for updates.

Please let me know if you need any help with anything.

*Email is best as I can work through them in order..

*****Please include your names and/or username in all correspondence. Emails without these will not be attended to*****


Ola Awoliyi

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