Very Urgent And Time Sensitive Important Update From Karatbars

Very Important And Urgent Update For Today
A warm welcome to all our new subscribers this week. I hope you are all doing and feeling well. Our heartfelt recovery wishes for those who have fallen sick during these difficult times - GET WELL SOON.

For those of us who are well and in confinement, lets stay healthy. #stayathome #staysafe #stayfocused #stayfearless

There was a leadership webinar with Karatbars head office yesterday and they gave us some news we have been waiting for for a long time.

Behind the scenes they have been creating a new range of products, new sales system, new weekly webinars etc etc... And they are going to announce them THIS EVENING 31st March 2020 on a live zoom call.

These will be held over three hours in English, German and Spanish as follows.

International in English
7:00 PM CET (Central European Time)
Please click on the link below to join the webinar:

International in German
8:00 PM CET (Central European Time)
Please click on the link below to join the webinar:

Internacional en Español
9:00 PM CET (Central European Time)
Por favor, haga clic en el siguiente enlace para participar en el seminario web:

The information in these webinars is so private that management would not even give us a preview of what it is they are going to say except to say that it will be focused on gold and what people need during this crisis.

We believe Karatbars should be signing up tens of thousands of people per day right now and they know this.

Karatbars is a home based business based on gold??!!  Harald Seiz knows this and hopefully we are about to see the results.

This is Karatbars' time over the next year. It has to be. Millions of people need a home business and we have it. Inflation is coming soon and gold is protection against it.

What I know is that it is in everyone's interest to click the link and be on there later tonight. Whether you registered ten years ago or ten hours ago, it doesn't matter. And please forward and share this message on social media so it goes as far as possible. Lets make it reach thousands of people worldwide before 7pm CET (Central European Time).
We may be helping someone directly or we may be helping someone find someone who needs this directly.

Back to Gold

A question was asked on the call about gold deliveries and Karatbars' ability to deliver gold right now. They assured they have no problem with this and servicing large quantities, and Fedex deliveries are going out everyday,even today. They are catching up with old orders and planning for even bigger orders going forward.

I have had multiple emails from my team confirming that they have been recieving gold, Mastercards and products yesterday so deliveries are still flowing.

Building Your Business

If you are an "inactive" Karatbars affiliate, I would advise that you log on to this presentation and invite any of your friends and family who are out of work as this could be the chance for them to earn some money and save some gold.

This could also be the chance for you to reactivate your own business.

With all the crazy stuff that has happened over the past year I know that in the six years I have been with the company my commissions have never been wrong and never been late.

That's what is important now, fast, reliable cash for a lot of people.

This night we have been promised a product that the masses are going to want to buy! That will make people want to be Karatbars business partners and grow this business.

Karatbit and KBC 

In an effort to further improve support, Karatabars are now going to move Karatbit operations and support into the head office in Stuttgart. Everything under one roof should make things easier and make support better going forward.

This has also been announced in latest news in the back office.


Due to this move they told us that the nodes will have a double payment in April which will cover for March as well.

Management also said in the call that this move to Stuttgart will also have a positive effect on the value of KBC.

Cryptodata will still be handling the impulseK1 phones and Whim support from Romania and their contact is also in latest news.

Bitcoin Will Help KBC

What I am almost certain of is that with $7 Trillion new dollars coming into supply, gold will and can only rise, as will Bitcoin. With it all other coins... Including KBC.

You can see from the chart below how when Bitcoin is green most coins are in green and the same when it goes red.

I will have other positive news about KBC for you in the coming week or so so stay tuned for that. The price of KBC is about to be helped on multiple fronts.

Long story short. If you have KBC, hold it and if you can get some more you should. I think this will be the last week you ever see it so low.

Be Prepared 

I strongly believe that everyone should get their hands on a card which will allow you to change Bitcoin/Crypto into cash quickly and vice versa.

I have two, one is called a Wirex and one is called a Revolut and waiting on the third from which I ordered last week.

It is quick and easy to sign up for them so take a minute now and get all three if you can.

They are not available in all countries but if you click each link you can put in your country and find out if you can get it.

This newsletter goes out to people in 100+ countries which is why I am sending all three options.

Revolut -  HERE
Wirex - HERE  HERE

Karatbars are bringing out one but these are here now. We can always move funds to the Karatbars one later.

I genuinely believe that a huge financial crash is on the way and being able to earn and spend crypto will soon be a huge advantage to everyone. You will thank me for this advice!

If you think I am being dramatic about a crisis, what do you say about a German State Finance Minister committed suicide over the weekend because he couldn't handle what he sees coming.

He had been in Angela Merkles government for ten years so he should know!

I am not worried and neither am I going to commit suicide.... I have gold, I have cryptocurrency, I have a home based business, and most important of all, I have faith. I was ready for a crash and have been preparing since I read "The Richest Man In Babylon" in 2013.

I've been telling people to read that book in these newsletters for six years and now is why!

Please be in no doubt that the rest of the world is finding out how important these three things are right, crypto, and a home based business. Faith is more personal and everybody knows what is best for their belief systems.

There is still time to prepare and get gold and crypto but it is running out.

The Karatbars Lifeboat 

The good news is we can help people prepare.

We have the lifeboat. I know, Karatbars is far from perfect, but it is a ten year old lifeboat, it is floating and offers gold and weekly commissions.

I think it is time everyone focused on what Karatbars can do because by helping a lot of people Harald Seiz can put right a lot of mistakes that happened recently.

They told us that doesn't mean leaving people, (old, annoyed or angry affiliates), behind.  It means bringing positivity back to the company, putting things right, growing KBC and giving head office time to fix old issues.

If you read my blog at , you will find that when the company has delivered, I have praised them. When they have not, i have been at the forefront of speaking it out.

Harald Seiz may not always make the right decision but no one can ever say that he gives up or hides, he keeps going and tries to make it right no matter how long that takes.

We will know how he plans to do that this night! Get your link and be sure to log on.

Lets Stay Positive

I can't physically leave my house and have probably just a few hours per day to myself but I will use it to help as many people get financially through this.

I know in my heart it is by gold, crypto and a home business and a lot of people need to hear that message.

What I/we can't do is sit back and let people suffer when I/we have the solution.

We will guide you step by step on what to do but right now it is just to buy as much cashgold/gold as you can and log on to this webinar tonight.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

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